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Emkan Products


A product allows you to re-request your personal finance at a lower or higher value with a new repayment period as desired by the customer.

How to apply for refinance? click here

Last update in 07/05/2023

How to apply for finance:

  • Download Emkan app on your mobile phone

  • Enter your personal information and upload the required documents

  • After approval, select the amount and repayment period that suits you

  • Select the payment method and sign the online contract

Refinance Advantages:

  • Sharia compliant

  • Instant approval of requests

  • Easy monthly installments for periods up to 60 months


  • The applicant must be a Saudi National.

  • Civil Sector (Governmental, semi-governmental and private sectors)

  • 20% of the personal finance amount must be repaid within a period of 6 months

  • The required finance must be of the same type as the existing finance.

Available with selected product:

    • micro finance
    • Top-up finance

Salary Exciting Finance Amount Additional Finance Amount Financing Period Monthly Installment Annual Profit Rate
10,000 64,000 80,000 5 Years 2,183.33 21.42%
16,000 80,000 100,000 5 Years 2,395.83 15.32%
27,000 120,000 150,000 5 Years 3,468.75 13.72%

- Example of administrative fees: 1% or 5,000 riyals of the financing amount + commodity sale fees + third party fees. - If the minimum payment amount made every month, it will take almost the months that appeared for each product in table to repay the full amount, keeping in view compounded interest added each month. - APR may change based on the change in the financing amount and due date.