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Purchases financing

A financing service that enables the end user to get purchases financing from our merchants easily, and using a digital journey, without the need to be physically at any branch or store. ( the financing amount will be wired to the merchant, you’ll get your approval voucher code and use it in the merchant’s location )

Benefits of purchases financing:

  • Financing up to 50,000 SAR.
  • Up to 24 months.
  • DBR can reach 45% up to 70% or as per SAMA regulations and policies.
  • No salary transfer needed.
  • No approved employer list/condition needed.

Conditions for applying:

  • Saudis and non- Saudis can apply online through the link.
  • Minimum salary for the customer is 2000 SAR for Saudis, 1900 for retirees, and 5000 for non Saudis.

How to apply:

  • Registering on the web link and confirming the phone number via OTP
  • Add the amount you want financing for from the merchant.
  • Fill your personal Informaiton
  • After approval, you’ll get your offer on the screen
  • Sign and approve the offer digitally
  • You’ll get the voucher and the code, keep it, and use it at the merchant’s location
  • Make sure you use the full amount with the merchant

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