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General Questions:

Currently, we’re offering concessional financing and additional financing

• For Additional Financing, you must be between 20-60 years of age
• For Soft Financing, you must be between 22-60 years of age
• Additional Finance: for Al Rajhi salary transferee, the length of service (government and semi-government sector employees) is one month.
• Additional Finance: for Al Rajhi Bank non-salary transferee, the duration of service is 3 months
• Private Sector Concessional Finance requires a 6 month duration of service
• Minimum salary: SAR 2000
• Retiree minimum salary: SAR 1900
• No defaulters and good credit history
• Additional Financing for non-salary transferees: SAR 7000 +

Yes, Emkan’s products and services are all Shariah-compliant.

Not necessarily.

Two ways to pay, either by direct deduction or by making deposits

Real Estate Financing is currently unavailable.

Not right now. Follow us on our official account (@emkan_finance) and stay up to date on when we begin doing that.

You can. It all depends on your credit score and payment history

Total financing amount – profit amount + financing profit for the next three months.
Pay by calling Emkan: 8001240251

SAR 2,000 for all transferee clients
SAR 7,000 for non-transferee clients
And SAR 1,900 for retirees

Of course, request and get approved without even having to ever visit any of our branches.

Yes, Apply on showrooms that belong to authorized dealers or fill out the form on the main product’s page.

Apply through the Emkan app, through your local Al Rajhi Bank branch, or through the toll-free number: 8001240251

No. There are no requirements. You can apply for financing even if your company is not approved.

You can contact customer service through the toll-free number: 8001240251
Or from the Emkan customer service account on Twitter: @Emkancare_sa

Via the toll-free number: 8001240251
Or email

Make sure that the national ID is valid, then contact customer service.

You can change the mobile number through the Emkan app settings.

Send a copy of your National ID to our technical support team and inform them you wish to change the number:

Contact customer service, either by calling or by reaching out on Twitter: @Emkancare_sa

Contact the financial support team and send the correct IBAN number to this email:

If your application was rejected 3 times, wait 30 days before reapplying.

In order to avoid the accumulation of installments, the full amount of the installation must be in your bank account on the 27th of each Gregorian month.

On the 27th of each month.

Currently no, but we will soon. Stay tuned.

In the event that the data provided is correct, the amount of financing will be deposited 24 hours after the contract is fully signed.

No, according to our credit policy, we cannot finance those who have defaults to their name.

Sure. You can control the amount and duration, provided that it does not exceed the deduction percentage.

You’re most likely non-compliant to the conditions.

Customers can go to our digital channels (including our website) to apply for financing. An immediate credit decision will be made based on the information provided, personal information, and the customer credit history. Again, customers are approved on the spot and get to sign an electronic contract right then and there.

Personal Finance:

Financing that is available to everyone, regardless of sector, requiring no employer or a guarantor approval. Find out more here

Financing that is available for salary transferee and non-salary transferees clients. It allows you to apply for financing on top of your existing financing plan with your bank. Find out more here

SAR 2000 OR SAR 1900 for retirees

SAR 25,000

SAR 1,500,000 for private and government sector employees

The profit rate is 1.66% per month (fixed).

Anywhere from 2.99% to 5.99%.

Anywhere from 3.49% to 7.99%

the maximum financing period is 60 months

the maximum financing period is 24 months

Retail Finance:

No, it does not. You can benefit from our services and products without transferring your payroll.

Right after the approval of your order and your signing of the contract. By then, you’ll have access to your voucher and you’ll be free to use it in stores or online.

Emkan will provide a SADAD code for the monthly installments, which are due on the 27th of each month. You’ll receive it via SMS.

No. There are no requirements. You can apply for financing even if your company is not approved.

Ask your favorite store about Emkan Financing. They will guide you through the process.

A service that allows customers to pay for their purchases in monthly installments. We do this by offering purchase vouchers that you can use in stores or online. Visit our partners page and get acquainted with stores that you can use the service in.

Yes, Emkan charges customers a profit rate of 2% per month. Please refer to the contract for further details.