Basic Information

* The calculator provides an indicative estimation for illustration purposes only, and is not considered a final quote. The information provided by the Calculator is based on the soundness and accuracy of information provided by you, but does not take into account any undisclosed financial obligations. EMKAN will apply disclosure principles to the information you have disclosed. Usage of the Calculator does not constitute approval of the application. All applications are subject to EMKAN’s standard credit policies and approval criteria. EMKAN reserves the right to change or reject the result without any responsibilities or obligations whatsoever on EMKAN.

Descriptive Examples Showing the APR based on the Platinum Card limit

ExampleCard LimitAPRFinance APRMinimum Payment Amount %Months Until Balance Repaid*
1SAR 10,00054.30%35.88%5%103
2SAR 50,00044.66%35.88%5%176
3SAR 100,00043.53%35.88%5%208

*If the minimum payment amount made every month, it will take almost the months that appeared for each product in table to repay the full amount, keeping in view compounded interest added each month.
*APR may change based on the change in the financing amount and due date.