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منتجات إمكان

Auto Lease

Auto Lease products allow you to have your dream vehicle based on Islamic Shariaa. With streamline process, conditions through a unique experience.


  • Compliant with Islamic Shariee

  • Financing upto 1M

  • Salary start from 1,900 SAR for retirees, 2000 SAR for employees

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • Saudi and Non-Saudi

  • Financing up to 5 years

  • Salary transfer isn’t required


  • ID/Iqama and Driving License

  • Salary certificate

  • Bank statement for last three months

  • Quotation price

After sales services

  • Internal & External ATD

  • Additional Driver possibility

  • Early Settlement

  • Ownership Transfer

  • Insurance Policy

  • Istimara Renewal

  • Change the shape of the plate

  • Replacement of lost Istimara and Palte

Applying Options

  • First option: open the landing page and fill the information ( Name, Age, Mobile no., Employer name, Car Model, Salary )

  • Second option: Visiting one of our sales agent at dealers’ showroom


المعلومات الاساسية

نوع التقسيط

المعلومات المالية

فترة التقسيط (بالشهور)

* الحسبة مبدئية

ملاحظات مهمة

The annual percentage rate (APR) is the rate of the fee that obtains financing on its products and is expressed as a percentage that represents the annual cost of financing over the period of the graph that graph in addition to the amount of financing and the cost of the term and calculating the financing period on the basis of twelve twelve or three hundred and sixty-five days for the year.

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