Al-Ittihad Card with 0.6% Cashback!

Al-Ittihad Card

A Sharia-compliant, Murabahah-based credit card, designed with the Saudi Al-Ittihad Club identity, offering up to 0.6% cash back, and the option of adding it to a digital wallet or requesting a plastic card.

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last update in: 7/05/2023

Al-Ittihad Card Advantages

  • Available for Saudi’s customers & Saudi’s Student
  • 0.6% instant cashback on your purchases with no cap.
  • The card is issued instantly.
  • Instant cash from all ATMs up to 30% of the credit limit.
  • Installment Options with no profit margin.

The requirement If the card Applicant is an employee or retirees:

  • Copy of the ID.
  • Account statement for last three months.
  • Salary slip.

The requirement If the card Applicant is a student:

  • Available for Saudi government universities students.
  • A copy of student National ID.
  • A copy of student ID
  • Transcript with enrollment for minimum last two semesters.